What is Nook Book & Why is it Popular

Nook books have become quite popular today. Most of the veteran readers prefer it as one of their basic necessities. Let us first understand – what is Nook book? It’s not a tab, but rather it’s simply a handy reading gizmo, which comes in two variants – 6-inch touch screen model for the purpose of […]

4 Common Nook Problems and Solutions

In the age of smartphones, tablets, computers and e-readers, how you are reading has no less importance than what you are reading. Nook’s award-winning reading experience integrated with leading edge technology has made it a preferred choice of users. It lets you connect to the world when you need to, and escape from it when […]

How to Install OverDrive on Nook?

One of the biggest reasons why the companionship of Nook with Overdrive is so much in demand in the market is due its compatibility factor with the ebook database to which the library can be subscribed. It is highly productive to sync the books from Overdrive gallery. Through such compatibility, the learning world becomes very […]

Top 4 Tablets under INR25k

Tablets are in trend now and overflowing in every portal. All you need to do is to look into the top tablets within your budget and take the decision. The tablet market is blooming like anything; every second person now loves to carry an android tablet. Apart from their availability on enormous e-commerce sites, today smart shoppers search […]